La Riva Piana

The “Rivapiana” district, a historic corner in the municipality of Minusio which has some houses decorated with frescoes, is located on the shore of Lake Maggiore. Several historical buildings distinguish it, among them the most significant is “La' Ca di Ferro” which is an old barracks used for the enlistment of mercenaries in 1500. Today the core of Rivapiana is mainly a residential area, which offers tranquillity and at the same time is located a stone's throw from Locarno.

The lake shore

Situated 200m from the hotel, the walk of about 4km on the shores of Lake Maggiore stretching from Locarno to Tenero, is pleasant and flat, and is a favourite with tourists as well as residents. It is a cycle and pedestrian path with breathtaking views to be covered on foot, by bike, rollerblades, skateboard and where there are some good restaurants and several green areas that allow swimming.

The river bank

Heading towards the valleys, you find yourself in front of a real naturalistic paradise: their rivers are in fact among the most appreciated internationally. In addition to wonderful excursions along the banks of the rivers you will find countless places to immerse yourself in the beautiful crystal clear emerald waters.

(Water yes, but in safety! The lush beauty of mountain rivers also conceals great dangers. Enjoy your day without any nasty surprises by reading the recommendations on !)

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